About Me

Passionate Accountant: Win-Win Situation!

You get a very able financial expert at a fraction of the cost – I get to do what I am very good at – accounting, while spending time with my grandchildren! In 2005 my first granddaughter was born and completely changed my life. While I felt entirely too young to be a grandmother, once she came into our lives I couldn’t imagine life without her. I tell you this in order for you to understand why I left a high-powered job at the height of my career to do contract accounting on a part time basis. Life is too short to miss anything and I decided I was not going to miss out on my grandchildren – yes, I now have two beautiful little girls and one little boy that I will spend as much time with as my daughters will allow.

As a business owner what is the most efficient use of your time… Running your business or recordkeeping?

★I show businesses how to become more profitable by identifying where the money is coming from and, more importantly, where it is going!

★While I focus on internal controls, the owner is freed up to focus on building the business, which is how businesses succeed – growth AND cost efficiencies!

★I do this on an outsourced basis – which is just one of the ways I help the business to be more efficient 🙂

From my 25+ years’ experiences working in both public accounting and industry, I know both “the theory” and the “how to” in applying processes and procedures to the business in order to make it operate more efficiently; which is what is needed. Just like “what is needed” is for the owner to be out generating new revenue and growing the business


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