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Responsibility Accounting

June 3, 2012

– an accountability system where managers are held accountable for differences between budgeted and actual results on only those items they have actual control of.


Best Practices for Independent Consultants

June 3, 2012

I originally posted this May 4, 2011, but it bears repeating…

First & foremost, it is understood that – you need to be organized and able to multitask.

Then you need to be comfortable with networking, as for best practices…

A       Always be professional; even in the most casual of offices, NEVER wear jeans

B       if you know the Big picture and the details; you will never be blindsided.

C       Create a consistent work flow to follow

D       be Dependable; if you are going to be late, call

E        be Ethical above all else; if it feels wrong, it IS

F        Friendly smile at all times

G       you Get the idea…

Good Luck!